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PostSubject: Planning   Sat Mar 05, 2011 5:45 pm

Alright, so, I've been jumping around ideas and I've decided to go with creating a Zelda Roleplay. I'm NOT, I repeat, NOT advertising the roleplay. I'm just looking for a few ideas. Here's what I have so far -

  1. There will be eight dungeons, each one having a different element or idea. Right now I'm thinking, and in this order- Nature, Sand, Fire, Water, Wind, Ice, Shadow, Thought
  2. The staff will be in charge of the temple bosses. The temple bosses will NOT be NPCs. Each boss can also choose an item that will be the main weapon in the dungeon, as well as plan the dungeon out themselves.
  3. Anyone not a boss will be a hero or a villain, trying to go through the eight different dungeons for Link or Shiek
  4. The current storyline is just before link is reincarnated. In order for a new link to rise, the eight new stones must be collected and gathered together
  5. There WILL be certain sidequests and roads that players can travel. In these sidequests, players will earn items that boost their current items. In the roads, players can find simple items (Magic potions, bombs, a ruby here and there, etc...). Players may also find a Heart Piece, that will require thought and maybe a certain item to get.
  6. The "main" villain is Gannon. He is trying to collect the stones so that his spirit will reincarnate, instead of links.

Alright, other then that, I've got nothing. Any ideas?
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